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Portable soundproof enclosures.

Generator enclosure

  • .080 Thick Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Generator Cover

Product Overview:

Dimensions: 42"W x 33"D x 30"H

  • Powder Coated Aluminum to reduce corrosion and weight
  • Complete with 4 mounting holes at the base of the unit to lag and
    secure the generator cover into cement or paver blocks
  • Hinge front door added to ease in filling with gas
  • Side air windows ( must be opened while in use)

Dimensions: 42"W x 33"D x 30"H

Our generator box will be the perfect portable generator cover to keep your generator safe and efficient during any power outage. Our generator enclosure kit requires a minimum of two individuals since some of the steps are easier with 4 hands. Think of our generator enclosure like a generator shed. It will protect your portable generator and keep it safe! Generator enclosure, Generator Box, Generator Cover, Generator Shed

Generator boxes, otherwise known as generator enclosures, are an essential feature your household.  Our generator box protects outdoor portable generators from the elements such as rain and snow, helping to ensure that your generator is running efficiently and safely at all times. Generator enclosures also can help contain any noise coming from the generator. Generator boxes come in a range of sizes to fit any application and can be customized upon request. Generator enclosures provide an effective solution for protecting your generator while also giving you the piece of mind to not have to worry about the generator being stolen.Generator enclosure, Generator Box, Generator Cover, Generator Shed



We ship anywhere in the USA! If you need to ship to Hawaii or any other states that are outside of the mainland it may cost extra for shipping!

Our shipping cost right now is $145 per each portable generator enclosure. 

If you have all the tools needed to set up the generator box then it should not take you any longer than 20 minutes. We suggest having 4 hands when assembling the generator box. 

All of our generators are made in the USA and hand crafted, however, we have around a 3 week turn around for our generator enclosures. Your orders will be shipped within 4 weeks. 

We highly suggest you have an t-handle allen wrench set as well as some needle nose pliers. 

Unfortunately our Generator Enclosures are not refundable. All of our sales are final. 

A generator enclosure, also known as a generator box, is a protective cover designed specifically for stationary generators. It is usually made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum and designed to fit specific generator models.

A generator shed is essential to protect your generator from outside elements such as rain, snow, wind, and debris. It also prolongs the life span of your generator.

Regular maintenance of your generator box is essential to ensure it continues to provide the protection your generator needs. This includes cleaning the enclosure regularly, inspecting it for damage, and repairing any damage as soon as possible to prevent further problems.